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Modul GKA Job Costing for Castings: Products, Quotations, Sales Orders

GKA helps ensure that business is profitable by comparing actual costs to estimate. It provides the following types of costing process, based on the  time of the costing :
is carried out before production. It is based on a specific customer inquiry/quotation or order for a casting/ part

is carried out after the casting/ product is produced. It is based on the actual data from the production  process and is used for unit-based costs and result control

Interim Costing
are used mainly for longer-term products in order to control and monitor the production  process in various phases.
The costing sheet can be user-specific defined for full and direct costs. The costings are always up-to-date and can be directly seen for example for sales order or production order.
All calculations save and display the cost accountant, the creation date and the date when they were edited last

GKA Screenshots