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GVT Sales Orders

Complete Management and Support: Customer inquiries, Quotations Offers Sales Orders, Shipping, Delivery Notes, Invoices, Customer Complaints. Customer Data

GFS Production Planning and Control

GFS has fully featured manufacturing functions, which help to manage work-in-process activities and increase the productivity of manufacturing staff with labor-saving features that provide more control over production and scheduling.

GKA Job Costing

Job Costing for Castings / Products, Offers, Orders GKA helps ensure that business is profitable by comparing actual costs to estimate. It provides the following types of costing process, based on the time of the costing :

GMA Material Management

Modul: Material Management Activities: Obtain inquiries, offers for materials and third-party services, place orders, check goods receipt, invoice receipt control, warehouse, inventory management, master data maintenance, items, suppliers

GBD Shop Floor Papers

Important Functions: Production Program of Work Centers, Create Shop Floor Papers, Completion Confirmations

GQM Quality Management

In der Qualitätsstelle werden die Daten und Unterlagen für Prüfungen gesammelt: Werkstoffstamm, Prüfpläne erstellen Atteste, Zeugnisse für Kunden bereitstellen

GMI Management Information

Management Information Statistiks

Full Support