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GVT Sales Orders, CRM Marketing
Customer Inquiries, Quotations, Sales Orders, Shipping, Invoices,  Customer Complaints.

GFS Production Planning and Control
for Castings/Parts manage work-in-process activities and increase the productivity of manufacturing.

GKA Calculation
Cost estimating for Castings/Products, Offers, Orders
Ensure that business is profitable by comparing actual costs to estimate.

GMA  Material Management
Purchasing and Inventory Control

GBD Production Documents
for Manufacturing and PDR

GQM Quality Management
Material, Test Programs, Certificates

GMI Management Information
Search Facilities allow for fast and comprehencive Reports, Statistics
Supplementary System Reporting customizable with List&Label 

PCGuss System Features

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

PCGuss has full features for international business activities with castings pre- or finish machined

Goto ERP Modules

ERP configured especially for the Foundry

Optimised processing of castings manufacture: patternmaking, core production, moulding preparing, melting process, cutting and trimming, heat treatment, machining, qualtity tests, finishing

Goto ERP Modules

We are Supplier of Foundry Industry Software

Since 1986 by Specialisation and Innovation

Goto ERP Moduls

Media Documents are possible in the ERP Modules